Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1 Is this an "invite only" league?
No… anyone that plays on Full Tilt Poker is invited.
2 What is the password to enter?
3 When are the tourneys held?
Every Sunday night at 20:00 server time (8 pm EST).
The tourneys are occassionally postponed because of holidays or other special occasions.
4 How long is this tourney?
20 weeks
5a How do you accrue the points shown on the leaderboard?
Pretty simple… if there are x players in the tournament, you receive x points for 1st place, x-1 points for 2nd place, etc.
5b Some people receive "bonus points"… how are they awarded?
Every player who finishes "In the money" will receive bonus points…
10 points for 1st, 7 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd, 4 points for 4th, 3 points for 5th, 2 points for 6th and 1 point for any place lower than 6th.
6 Are there special prizes awarded?
Each week, the Top 3 finishers will receive some full tilt points (FTP's)…
2,000 FTP's for 1st, 1,500 FTP's for 2nd and 1,000 FTP's for 3rd.
In addition, the winner each week gets a seat reserved on the "FTP Forum" Table ($0.10/$0.25 No Limit Hold Em).
7 Are there prizes for the top finishers after 20 weeks?
The Top 3 will receive prizes:
1st place: 10,000 FTP's & a $75 token.
2nd place: 5,000 FTP's & a $26 token.
3rd place: 3,000 FTP's & a $26 token.
8 Am I allowed to play all 20 weeks?
You're only allowed to play a maximum of 15 weeks. If you play in 16 or more weeks, you can still receive prize
money and FTP's, but you will receive 0 points toward the leaderboard in any week played beyond your 15th.
9 What if I fall short of the Top 3 after 20 weeks… do I receive anything for finishing in the Top X?
A tournament of champions will be held at the end of the season… details to be announced.