Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1 Is this an "invite only" league?
No… anyone that plays on Full Tilt Poker is invited.
2 What is the password to enter and what's the buy-in?
forum, $5 +$0.50
3 When are the tourneys held?
Friday night at 21:00 server time (9 pm EST).
The tourneys are occasionally postponed because of holidays or other special occasions. See the Schedule tab.
4 How long is this tourney?
15 weeks total, see the Schedule tab.
5 How do you accrue the points shown on the leaderboard?
Using the formula defined by Full Tilt's Leaderboard Calculator 2.0… click here.
Points = Square Root of (Buy-In * Entrants/Position)
6 Are there special prizes awarded?
Yes, at the end of the season. See the Prizes Tab.
7 Am I allowed to play all 15 weeks?
Yes, you can play all 15, or choose to play less.
The more weeks you play, the more opportunity you have to add to your point total.
8 Who won last season (Season 3)?
Click here for the Season 3 results.
9 Who won Season 2?
Click here for the Season 2 results.