Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1 Is this an "invite only" series?
Anyone with a Full Tilt account can play… the password is forum.
2 When are the tourneys held?
See the "Schedule" tab.
3 How long is this series?
Twelve weeks/tourneys total.
4 How do you accrue the points shown on the leaderboard?
Using the formula defined by Full Tilt's Leaderboard Calculator 2.0… click here.
Points = Square Root of (Buy-In * Entrants/Position)
5 Can I play all 12 weeks?
Yes… however only your "best 10" weeks will count on the leaderboard.
6 Are there any special prizes?
Stay tuned, they will be announced by TilterRick
7 What exactly is "7-Game Mixed"?
The tournament plays a new game every blind level. The following games are played:
1. Hold Em (Fixed Limit)
2. Stud Hi/Lo (Fixed Limit)
3. Razz (Fixed Limit)
4. Omaha Hi/Lo (Fixed Limit)
5. Stud Hi (Fixed Limit)
6. Hold Em (No Limit)
7. Omaha (Pot Limit)